The Bar

The Tap House

Each of our locations has at least 28 beers on tap (some have even more!). They are all served below freezing thanks to our proprietary draft beer system. You can order any of our beers in pints or pitchers, or even take some home in a growler.

Arooga Light

We have our own beer, brewed right here in Pennsylvania! It's the freshest beer in all of Central PA. Available in draft pints, pitchers, and growlers.

Arooga's Growlers to Go

All Arooga's locations offer a variety of draft beers to-go with half off refills everyday during Happy Hour.Our growlers are filled with 64 ounces of your favorite brew then carefully sealed. It will stay fresh for 3-4 days and once opened it should be consumed within 24 hours to ensure the freshness of a draft beer. After your done indulging the delicious draft of your choice simply rinse out your growler with hot water to clean it. Then Should you find yourself in the most unpleasant situation of carrying this vessel empty, don’t panic. Simply go back to Arooga’s and have it refilled with beer. Crisis over. Carry on.  
Arooga's offers a variety of draft beers to go with half off refills everyday during Happy Hour.

Sagoora Premium Vodka by Arooga's

Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar has partnered up with Boardroom Spirits, a local Pennsylvania-based distillery to distill and bottle Sagoora Premium Vodka, a non-GMO corn vodka that is naturally gluten-free.
During the distillation process, Boardroom Spirits makes clean cuts to separate the good alcohol, commonly known as the “hearts,” from the bad, knows as the “heads” and the “tails.” This results in a cleaner product with less of the hangover causing congeners such as methanol, acetone, and fusel oils! Next is a slow filtration over activated carbon to remove any character. The vodka is then proofed, which is an industry term for diluted, down to bottle strength of 40% ABV or 80 Proof. This attention to detail throughout the process is what separates Sagoora Premium Vodka from the rest!
When you enjoy our sipping vodka, you’ll notice that it is very clean and scentless. It is soft on the palate with an incredibly clean and smooth finish. As you take another sip, you’ll notice a subtle touch of sweetness on the finish from the corn.
Sagoora Premium Vodka is available at all Arooga’s locations. Enjoy!

Liquor Pitchers

We serve pitchers full of booze. Yes, you read that right! Pitchers full of booze. Just pick your liquor and your mixer and drink it from a pitcher.

Margarita Fishbowls

Our margaritas are made from fresh juiced Florida lemons and limes. Try our signature margarita, The Aroogarita! It's made with 100% Blue Agava tequilla and organic Agave Nectar. Make it flavored with any of our numerous fruit purees.

And so much more!

Arooga's serves premium cocktails, martinis, wines, sangrias, and more! Make sure you check out the specials at your local store to see what's new and exciting.