What Makes Arooga's a Green Restaurant?

Here are some of the environmental steps we've taken to become certified. 

  1. Energy Efficiency & Conservation: Energy Management System
  2. Water Efficiency & Conservation: Faucet Aerators
  3. Recycling & Composting: Cardboard
  4. Recycling & Composting: Grease
  5. Pollution Prevention: No Polystyrene Foam
  6. Recycled, Tree-Free, Biodegradable & Organic Products: Take-Out Containers
  7. Recycled, Tree-Free, Biodegradable & Organic Products: Cutlery
  8. Pollution Prevention: Dish machine detergent
  9. Recycling & Composting: Paper
Visit www.dinegreen.comArooga's Grille House & Sports Bar is the first full service Certified Green Restaurant in the state of PA. We have taken many steps in reducing our carbon footprint and our overall effect on the environment. Some of the many steps we have taken are completely removing styrofoam from all locations, recycling our grease, cardboard, using nontoxic cleaning and chemical products. Installed energy efficient hand-dryers in the restrooms, and have added an energy management system. Arooga's plans to introduce new steps every year.

The Green Restaurant Association

The GRA is a national non-profit organization that provides a convenient and cost-effective way for restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to become more environmentally responsible.

Certified Green Restaurants® must fulfill the following:

Accumulate a total of 100 Points
Meet Minimum Points in each Category
Have a recycling program
Be Free of Polystyrene Foam (aka Styrofoam)
Yearly Education

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